JusticeKiss Ltd is a social enterprise aimed at alleviating poverty and human trafficking through reselling items purchased from companies employing human trafficking survivors. It’s also a platform to raise awareness and education about human trafficking and how to combat it through positive engagement in fair trade, micro business initiatives, and organizations working in border monitoring and rescue operations.

Human trafficking impacts more than 12 million people worldwide. The majority of people targeted by traffickers are women and children. Human trafficking is a problem for every country in the world. Poorer nations in the developing world are more often source sites for traffickers, but many of the receiving countries are the most wealthy in the developing and developed world. An estimated 62% of all trafficking is for the commercial sex trade.

At JusticeKiss the aim is to educate people how far reaching this issue is in the world, help women who have previously been trafficked by buying products for resale, and helping to fund organizations that work to prevent human trafficking and poverty so the cycles of trafficking can be broken.