Rotorua and beyond!

Over school holidays we had a very busy time. Which is great in terms of business. Our family was invited to Rotorua. We took the opportunity and spent some time talking to the community about what I’m doing with JusiceKiss. They were so lovely and supportive. It really was a boost of encouragement.

We also had the opportunity to go to the Wellington Diocese Ministry Conference. They graciously allowed me to have a table and do a little talk. I was so encouraged because so many of the clergy came up to me afterwards to chat. Most of them were aware of a lot of things to do with trafficking (including depressing new figures that put the official new numbers at 23 million slaves in the world. 😦  ) Some of them didn’t know much and said my talk really shocked them and encouraged them to look into it. (YAY!) And several people bought things, which considering they are in general poor clergy was nothing short of amazing!

I even had one person tell me she was FB stalking me! Imagine that? People outside my immediate circle know what I’m doing?! She was so glad that I was doing what I was doing, Anglican, and in her Diocese! Pretty cool overall.

For the most part, these holidays were exhausting, encouraging and invigorating. I gained a vision for places I can go and sell and talk with people and really get this off the ground hopefully.

As soon as we came back we had to farewell our Preschool Director. Which was sad. But in meeting other parents I met a dad who is a police officer with a local precinct. He said he had been specializing in trafficking! How insanely cool is that? I am so excited about seeing where all these different avenues take me. I am definitely feeling like I’m in an adventure. I know there will be hard times on the journey of doubt, discouragement and the sheer weight of all the sad nature of this work. But, for now, I’ll take the happy and exciting that I’ve been fortunate to uncover these last few weeks.


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