Just Tea!

Okay, so we had the first event! Let me explain my use of we for a wee moment though. I say we because I don’t see anything I do as an individual organizational event. I had so much help to make this event happen. First, I talked with our church vicar who so graciously agreed to help me by offering space, tea and coffee and a donated hamper. Next I asked the children’s worker, Natalie, if she’d help me set up. She readily agreed and was an absolute wiz with decoration. I provided what I thought was some okayish materials and she made them into this lovely, magical cafe space. I meet with a group of other wives from St Johns College for coffee and they offered to do all the baking. And baking they did! Everyone raved from Coconut Bliss balls to Ginger Crunch slice. It was all fair trade and we even covered the gluten free option. Then my friend Heather, who runs http://www.holdinghopecollection.com came along and set up her table and basically just encouraged the pants off me. (not literally) Then my friends, Billy and Caleb (also St Johns Students) came along with the absolutely lovely Phoebe (newborn). I mean, honestly, they came, took donations, ran the raffle and were just generally amazing considering they are also suffering from lack of sleep as new parents.

And, of course, there were the participants. We had about 40 people come on a crazy, stormy, winter afternoon. And everyone enjoyed themselves, laughed, empathized, ate baking and drank tea and just generally made the afternoon. So you can see why I say “we”. No matter the event, it is always a group effort. Which I LOVE! Community makes some of the most beautiful things, eh?

Okay, nuts and bolts of Just Tea. Both Heather and I were able to sell some jewelry. Which is great. I gave a talk about fair trade and how we can make little changes to the way we buy things to be more just in our worlds, which in turn can make huge waves in the wider world. I told them about my first experiences with human trafficking and what I hope to do in the long run with this project and in conjunction with other people like Heather. Because again, it’s too massive for one person. It’s gonna take a lot of us. I also added to a list of fair trade providers in the Auckland area and distributed a handout. I hope to add to this list in the future. I’ve already had a few suggestions from participants at the tea time. So, AWESOME!

As far as this being a first event it was spectacular. I learned so much about things that I can do better, which is always a plus. At the same time, we all enjoyed the event as it was too. I think it also really encouraged the community at our church that people do care about this stuff. And that people will support events and things that happen at the church. Which was lovely. The benefits in the end really outweighed the stresses. Which for me puts this in the win column. I’m hoping this is the first of many more speaking engagements and events. I find that I absolutely love both these things. Which is also fun. 🙂


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