Just Tea

So, the first event I will selling at will be called Just Tea. 🙂

I’m really quite excited about this event. Not only will it be somewhere I can sell, I have also invited my friend Heather with her collection. So many beautiful items in one room coming out of some of the worst stories in the world. It truly will be beauty from the ashes.

This event is a way to invite our parish and the surrounding community into the conversation around social justice, fair trade and human trafficking. How do all these three topics interact? What are these concepts about? What are we doing? What more can we dream of doing together?

Some friends local friends have offered to do some baking…all fair trade of course….and the parish is providing fair trade tea and coffee. I’m hoping that this will be a great time of discussion and a little fun….Okay, a lot of fun. I think it’s so much fun to participate in justice events. I know the topics can be a little macabre and depressing, because the problems are so large. But when we get together and do something about them, I for one find it life giving. Every small part we do counts towards the overall goal.

All your good thoughts, wishes, prayers etc for this event is greatly appreciated. And if you’re in the Auckland area and you want to come along just let me know! Would love to see you there!


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