True Cost

So, last Friday I helped with St John’s college’s fair trade fortnight event. It was a great event. Exactly the type of thing I hope to be more involved in more with JusticeKiss. The room was set up with a mock bedroom sampling all the things you can buy that are fair trade. There was a fair trade cafe and my new friend Heather came down with her Hope Collection Jewelry for sale making it also a fair trade market place. And we ended the night by watching the movie True Cost.

While I can not say watching True Cost was enjoyable, it was profound. I was staggered by the injustice that was so clearly portrayed in this movie. I have lived in the developing world. I have seen poverty and injustice first hand. And whether it’s because of that or in spite of it, it floored me.

That’s why I am so invested in fair trade. It impacts on human trafficking, poverty, education, equality….pretty much most levels of social justice are impacted by fair trading practice. And it is abhorrent how the  fashion industry and others have convinced us we need more and more and more to the point that the developed world is showing signs of suffering and the developing world is beyond showing signs. It is bleeding. They are bleeding. And we need to take note. We need to make our voice known with our dollars.

The more fair we buy, the less poverty there is in the wider world. The less poverty, the less people will be desperate and make terrible choices about what to do with themselves and their children. This of course doesn’t solve the problem of those in the world who would take advantage of others. But it will go a long way towards solving one piece of the puzzle. While making sure we’re not just blindly giving money to corporations who aren’t doing right by people we help to solve another part.

I hope to do many more events like this in the future. Not just to promote JusticeKiss, but to promote fair trade, better business practice and easy ways we can bring most justice to our society at home and abroad.


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