I met John, who started this organization and is the president when he started coming in for breakfast at the cafe I ran in Kathmandu. I just knew him as John, the regular who comes in for breakfast. I was delighted to one day stop and ask him what he was doing in Kathmandu. Everyone in Kathmandu has a story, usually a pretty good one. John’s was not a disappointment.

Since that time TinyHands has branched out from just children’s homes….as if that isn’t enough….to working in human trafficking. Which makes sense considering nearly  50% of all trafficked people are women and children. That’s a lot of tiny hands.

It’s sometimes easy to get focused on our hands so much, that we make them seem huge in our perspective to the point we can’t really even see those tiny hands we’re reaching out to. To believe we are the answer. “Our hands are the solution!” But that, as most illusions, is just not a truth. The tiny hands reaching out for help are a huge part of the solution themselves. The creativity and determination of those tiny little hands, it’s inspiring if you really think about it. They have survived. That’s one thing I love about TinyHands. They never forget the hands they are reaching towards.

So that’s why I want to support them in their work with profits from sales at JusticeKiss. I want them to be more successful in what they do with their border monitoring stations, housing of rescued people and prosecution of traffickers. Do you know it takes about $11 a day to man a border monitoring station? $11 a day to set up a place that saves people from lives of degradation and abuse. It takes about $100 to save one person from being trafficked from Nepal to India or Bangladesh or the Middle East.

Here’s where perspective is key. Nearly 30,000 people are trafficked out of Nepal each year. And that’s just the best estimate and doesn’t include the internal domestic trafficking. So, if you do the math that’s $3,000,000 a year, if you saved every person being trafficked. Not many of us have $3,000,000 a year. I surely don’t. But what I do have is time to invest in selling jewelry and making profits that can go back to making up a part of that sum. And as other hands join with my hands we can make that goal. It’ll probably take a whole bunch of our hands. But that’s okay. Because that means a whole bunch of us are learning to love other people a little more. And that in itself is magical.

If you want to check out TinyHands for yourself…and I would recommend it….here’s their link. http://www.tinyhands.org



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